Social Media Policy

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Social Media Policy

Missouri REALTORS® has a presence on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as content on, the association website. Missouri REALTORS® encourages participation on their social media accounts. However, while participation is encouraged, we also want to maintain a safe and professional environment in which to conduct these conversations. To preserve the integrity of Missouri REALTORS® social media and online presence, the following policy outlines expected behaviors of those participating on any of Missouri REALTORS® subsidiary social media accounts, posts, and internet postings.

Inappropriate use of social media can pose risks to your reputation, confidential and proprietary information, and can jeopardize your compliance with legal obligations. To minimize our risk and yours, we expect all users of Missouri REALTORS® social media accounts to adhere to the following expectations.

Respect for Others:
According to Standard of Practice 10-5 under Article 10 of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Code of Ethics, “REALTORS® must not use harassing speech, hate speech, epithets, or slurs based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” Further, NAR’s Policy Statement 29 states that, “REALTORS® shall be subject to disciplinary action under the Code of Ethics with respect to all of their activities.”

Standard of Practice 10-5 applies to REALTORS® at all times including Missouri REALTORS® social media channels and posts. Missouri REALTORS® expects all members and community members to respect our social media posts by refraining from using vulgar or inappropriate language on our accounts. We reserve the right to delete comments or posts that include vulgar language, racial slurs, drug paraphernalia, threats of violence, or anything else deemed inappropriate. Please act respectfully and professionally when participating on any of Missouri REALTORS® social media accounts.

Relevant Content:
Missouri REALTORS® will only post or share relevant content. Anyone participating in Missouri REALTORS® social media is expected to do the same. No posting of listings is allowed. No solicitations or advertising of any products, companies, individuals except those with which Missouri REALTORS® and NAR have an agreement to do so. Do not share self-promotional material — those posts and comments will be deleted.

We do encourage those participating on Missouri REALTORS® social media accounts to share information related to the association’s mission, policy positions, advocacy efforts, events, and other association news as a means of promotion for the association and the REALTOR® profession.

Leaving Comments:
Take the time to read all the comments in a thread before leaving your own. Respond to the ideas shared, do not attack the person who shared them. Missouri REALTORS® prohibits posting disparaging, embarrassing, or defamatory statements about the association, association staff or volunteers, the association’s mission, or the association’s advocacy efforts on any of our social media accounts or posts.

Accuracy and Trust:
Missouri REALTORS® is committed to sharing information that is accurate and timely. If for some reason BRR makes a post or shares content that is inaccurate, that content will be removed, and the information updated. Anyone participating on Missouri REALTORS® social media is expected to uphold the same commitment. Do not knowingly share information that is inaccurate or that is spam. We reserve the right to delete content that is found to be inaccurate or spam.

Confidential Information:
Those participating on Missouri REALTORS® social media accounts should refrain from sharing personal or confidential information as Missouri REALTORS® is not responsible for protecting confidential information shared on its accounts.

Inappropriate use of social media can pose risks to our reputation, confidential and proprietary information, and can jeopardize our compliance with legal obligations. To minimize our risk and ensure that our resources are being used appropriately, we expect volunteer leaders, which includes elected and appointed officers, directors, committee members, and leaders of the association and the Missouri REALTORS® Educational Foundation, as well as association staff, to adhere to the following expectations in addition to Missouri REALTORS® general social media rules and expectations.

Designated Spokespersons:
Missouri REALTORS® Chief Spokespersons are the Vice President of Communications, General Counsel, Chief Executive Officer, and the current Missouri REALTORS® President. These individuals are responsible for the content on Missouri REALTORS® social media account and speak on behalf of the association. Association staff may act as a secondary spokesperson of the association when necessary. Those not designated as association spokesperson do not represent Missouri REALTORS® official positions and Missouri REALTORS® does not claim responsibility for their positions if shared on Missouri REALTORS® social media accounts.

Promoting Your Appointment/Term of Service:
Volunteer leaders are not permitted to set up social media accounts for volunteer-related purposes (ex. including your volunteer title in your name). If you disclose your affiliation as a volunteer of Missouri REALTORS® you must also state that your views do not represent those of the organization, you are volunteering with. All titles shared on social media must include the years of service (i.e., 2023 Advocacy Committee Member or 2023 Missouri REALTORS® President, etc.)

Professional Behavior:
Volunteer leaders and association staff, as a reflection of the association, may not post or share disparaging content about the association; Missouri REALTORS® staff, volunteers, or members; or affiliates on their personal social media accounts or the association’s social media accounts. Respect for the law, including antitrust and intellectual property law, is required. When posting personally, include a disclaimer that the views expressed are personal and not the views of the association.

Missouri REALTORS® officers and spokespersons shall always conduct themselves as professional representatives of the organization and should understand that their personal online activity and commentary can be construed as speaking for the organization, due to the nature of their positions. Accordingly, extra care must be taken. Content and tenor of online activity should model the same decorum displayed during official Association appearances, meetings, or events.

Volunteer leaders and staff are encouraged to share association posts and news on their own social media accounts.

Confidential Information:
Missouri REALTORS® staff, board members, and association volunteers are not allowed to share confidential, sensitive, financial, or proprietary information of the association as this information is not intended for public distribution.

Missouri REALTORS® reserves the right to remove posts or comments that violate any of the aforementioned rules. Missouri REALTORS® also reserves the right to block members who continuously break the regulations laid out in this policy. If volunteer leaders or staff take actions that are inconsistent with this policy, they may be required to remove, correct, or revise internet postings in violation of the policy. A violation of this Social Media Policy may be cause for removing a volunteer leader from his/her position and may be basis for taking disciplinary action (including termination) against and employee, depending on federal, state, and local law.