1977 Signing ceremony on a senate bill regarding changes in the real estate license law.

Association History

The Missouri Real Estate Association, now the Missouri REALTORS®, was founded February 13, 1936.

The association was led by Secretary Clarence Charlie Lang from its founding until 1948, and was headquartered in St. Louis. The association relocated to Columbia, Missouri, in 1957, settling in the historic Guitar Building. In 1974, the association re-incorporated and entered into a charter agreement with the National Association of REALTORS®. The association operated under the name of the Missouri Association of REALTORS® from 1975 through 2013. The current trade name of Missouri REALTORS® began use in 2013. 

Our current building, at 2601 Bernadette Place in Columbia, was dedicated August 6, 1986, and remodeled in 2007 and 2017.

Past Presidents

Missouri REALTORS® presidents are elected to one-year terms, with the exception of the first five presidents, who served two-year terms. Here are the past presidents of the association:

Nate K. Johnson, 2018
Ryan Gattermeir, 2017
Miles F. Noennig, 2016
Gary Nelson, 2015
Jim Gamble, 2014
Sharon Keating, 2013
La Nora Kay, 2012
Joyce Thomas, 2011
Elizabeth Mendenhall, 2010
T. David Rogers - 2009
James W. (Jim) Asbury, 2008
Bruce Aydt, 2007
Steve Snook, 2006
Larry W. Keating, 2005
Kay Gerken, 2004
Larry Apple, 2003
Mark Stallmann, 2002
Diana Sutherland, 2001
Donald MacPherson, 2000
Steve Johnston, 1999
Duane Gerken, 1998
Fred Neal,1997 
Fred Kratky, 1996
Thomas M. Meyer, 1995
Alice M. Watson, 1994

Dennis M. Curtin,1993
Thomas E. Bayer, Jr., 1992
Justus D. Griffin, 1991
Richard M. Birner, 1990
J. T. Brown, 1989
Henry J. Aydt, 1988
Richard Mendenhall, 1987
Robert E. Esrey, 1986
Jo Ann Pangborn,1985
Raymond A. Sisson, 1984
Vivian Osborne, 1983
Les Glickman,1982
Marian J. Glauser, 1981
Raymond Kelliker, 1980
Jim C. Jones, 1979
Clarence Rezac, Jr.,1978
Stuart A. Davis, 1977
Louis Glauser, 1976
Eugene D. Brown, 1975
R. Layne Morrill,1974
Aaron A. Feigenbaum, 1973
Roy E. Willey,1972
Robert E. Carnahan, 1971
John L. McCue,1970
Jack Ellingsworth, 1969

Thomas L. Meyer, 1968
Orville G. Clark, 1967
Vernon Miles, 1966
David P. Leahy, 1965
Paul Hamilton,1964
Brady Stevens, 1963
Harold C. Simon, 1962
Genevieve Weir Taylor, 1961
Herman A. Griffin, 1960
Jimmie A. Proctor, 1959
Martin D. Larner, 1958
Al G. Elam, 1956-1957
Julian Wornall,1955-1956
Al Westmoreland, 1953-1955
Morris F. Slupsky, 1952-1953
Frank A. Gilbert, 1951-1952
W. Sims Haynes, 1950-1951
Howard R. Sisson, 1948-1949
Cecil F. Shopen, 1946-1948
W. Ed Jameson, 1943-1945
Rolla E. Stevens, 1940-1942
Eugene D. Ruth, 1938-1940
Byron T. Schultz, 1936-1938


The Missouri REALTORS® has had seven chief executive officers (not including interim CEOs) since 1961.

John M Sebree, 2014-Present
Russ Cofano, 2011-2014
R. Dennis McClelland, 2005-2011
Dennis M. McDermott, 1988- 2005
Tyler H. (Ty) Strout, 1979-1987
Ray Roper, 1974-1978
Chester L. Wolfe, 1961-1974