Committees & Output Groups

The O2 structure was adopted in 2012 as the guiding governance structure of Missouri REALTORS®. O2, which stands for Outreach and Output, was implemented to help align our committee structure with its new mission. O2 is focused on increasing member value and providing a nimble structure that can react in today's fast-moving industry. Since implementing O2, Missouri REALTORS® has reached new milestones in an unprecedented amount of time. The best part about O2 is that is allows all members to play a part and have a voice. Take a look at the O2 structure and get involved by joining an Output Group or applying for a leadership position. If you have questions regarding O2, contact Cara Harmon - at 573-445-8400 x. 1170

A graphic explaining how Missouri REALTORS Outreach and Output is structured.

Governance Structure
Board of Directors
Purpose: To conduct affairs, establish policies and approve the annual budget of the State Association. 

Executive Committee
Purpose: To oversee the affairs of the State Association in accordance with the policies outlined by the Board of Directors and serve as a sounding board for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on emerging issues, problems, and initiatives. 
Reports to: Board of Directors

Leadership Team
Purpose: To work closely with the Executive Committee to conduct the business of the State Association. The Leadership Team is comprised of the State Officers: President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect and the Immediate Past President. Meet the Leadership Team.

Strategic Planning Committee
Purpose: To develop and recommend the overall strategic direction for the State Association, work with the Executive Committee to monitor progress, review results as a basis for setting new strategy, and recommend actions to the Board of Directors consistent with the Strategic Plan.
Reports to: Board of Directors
Chair: Michelle Walker / Vice Chair: Kalan Hubbard

Finance & Budget Committee
Purpose: To ensure the stability of the State Association’s current and future financial posture.
Reports to: Executive Committee
Chair: Bobbi Howe / Vice Chair: Derek Schriewer

Diversity & Inclusion Committee
To identify the concerns and needs of minority members and to assist in the development of action to address those concerns and needs.
Chair: Matt Muren / Vice Chair: Kayla Johnson 

Bylaws & Policy Committee
Purpose: To assure compliance with National Association of REALTORS®’ guidelines for State Bylaws and Policies, the Bylaws and Policy Committee shall have the duty and responsibility to review the Bylaws and Policies of the State Association, to study any and all proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Policies, and to recommend appropriate amendments to the Executive Committee.
Chair: Michael Jacques / Vice Chair: Dan Sale

Graphic that says Advocacy Committee
Purpose: Responsible for furthering the State Association’s mission of uniting its members to advocate for real property rights in Missouri.
Reports to: Executive Committee
Chair: Jennifer Langston-Justus / Vice Chair: Jessica Hubbard

Advocacy Action Output Group 
Purpose: To provide guidance and support within the framework of the Strategic Advocacy Plan to promote political activism at the state and local level.
Chair: Katie Berry / Vice Chair: Matthew Brock 

Advocacy Investment Output Group
Purpose: To provide guidance and support within the framework of the Strategic Advocacy Plan to further advocacy fundraising statewide.
Chair: Liz Smith / Vice Chair: Debbie Kendrick 

Economic Development Output Group
Purpose: To build economic and development growth in Missouri through the creation of business and developer-friendly environment in both the private and public sector. 
Chair: Tina Siebert  / Vice Chair: Angie Mullings

Commercial Output Group
Purpose: To encourage and foster membership participation of State Association commercial real estate experts and provide a forum that encourages the exchange of information and commercial real estate knowledge to other commercial real estate experts.
Chair: Tony Conant / Vice Chair: Will Klein

Graphic that says Member Engagement Committee
Purpose: To further the State Association’s mission of connecting members through various media and events. 
Reports to: Executive Committee
Chair: Forrest Stodghill / Vice Chair: Chris Martin

Communications Output Group
Purpose: To serve in an advisory capacity to the State Association staff in order to assist in meeting the State Association’s overall communication and marketing objectives. 
Chair: Jon Hulsizer / Vice Chair: Donna Stone

Consumer Engagement Output Group
Purpose: To develop and implement consumer advertising, awareness, and outreach campaigns in support of the REALTOR® brand.
Chair: Becky Klein / Vice Chair: Cricket Anderson

Leadership Development Output Group
Purpose: To further the cultivation and development of leaders within the State Association and at the local and national REALTOR® levels through the utilization of the State Association’s Leadership Academy program.
Chair: Todd Henson / Vice Chair: Antonio Serrano

Specialty Groups Output Group
Purpose: To coordinate the efforts of the State Association with third party ‘specialty groups’ that are aligned with the State Association to promote benefits, resources, and opportunities available to all REALTORS® to increase their skills, knowledge, and competence, while networking and building working relationships between the State Association and such ‘specialty groups’.
Chair: Bryant Boyd / Vice Chair: Dan Stoner 

Graphic that says Risk Management Committee
Purpose: Responsible for furthering the State Association’s mission of delivering comprehensive risk management programs and services.
Reports to: Executive Committee
Chair: Gerrie Moore / Vice Chair: Dan Forbes

Commercial Forms Committee
Purpose: To develop, market and provide members with comprehensive, legally approved standard commercial real estate forms. Members of the Commercial Forms Committee are selected each year by the Risk Management Committee.
Chair: Melissa Annis / Vice Chair: Yogi Gupta 

Residential Forms Committee
Purpose: To develop, market and provide members with comprehensive, legally approved standard residential real estate forms. Members of the Residential Forms Committee are selected by the Risk Management Committee.
Chair: Liz Lockhart / Vice Chair: Donny Allen 

Risk Awareness & Best Practices Output Group
Purpose: To develop an open environment where risk management issues, industry trends and information can be identified and discussed. 
Chair: Shari Asher / Vice Chair: Lynn Farrell 

Professional Development Output Group
Purpose: To develop, market and provide members with professional development opportunities through education, training and diversity awareness opportunities. 
Chair: Leah Petras / Vice Chair: Chris Looney

*Statewide Professional Standards Committees
Purpose: Determine ethics and arbitration matters that are filed with Missouri REALTORS®. While these committees report to the Risk Management Committee, they operate differently than output groups in that do not meet in person. Members apply through an application process and are then appointed by the Missouri REALTORS® President.