Designations and Certifications

A table full of REALTOR Certifications.

Designations and Certifications

REALTOR®designations can help you build your network, sharpen your skills, increase your knowledge and increase your income. 

According to 2013 NAR survey data, obtaining one or more designations continues to make a difference in REALTOR® earnings. The median income of REALTORS® without a designation was $33,500 and the median income of those with at least one designation was $61,100: a difference of $27,600. (Source: 2013 NAR Member Profile)

NAR and its affiliates offer designations and certifications for a wide range of real estate specialties. Earning these designations and certifications helps members to increase their expertise and marketability, giving them a professional advantage.   

Missouri REALTORS® is one of two (2) Real Estate Schools in the State who have a REBAC license and can offer these Certification & Designation courses to our members. If your local board is interested in co-hosting a Certification/Designation course with Missouri REALTORS®, please contact Blake Willoughby - or call 573-445-8400 ext. 1180.