R. Layne Morrill

Judy Bateman receives the 2019 R. Layne Morrill Award

R. Layne Morrill Award

Layne Morrill, a Past President of the Missouri REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®, has been active in politics at the local, state and national level throughout his entire career as a REALTOR®. This Award recognizes an individual who, through career-long political involvement, has significantly advanced the legislative agenda of REALTORS® in Missouri.

Member Boards/Associations of the Missouri REALTORS®may submit one (1) nomination per year for this important award. Previous submissions will be considered as well. The R. Layne Morrill Award is presented annually at the September Business Conference.

The 2020 R. Layne Morrill Award nomination deadline is June 1, 2020.

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Past Recipients

Judy Bateman, 2019
Deana Wolfe, 2018
Mark Stallmann, 2017
Jeff Kester, 2016
T. David Rogers, 2015
Kathy Clark, 2014
Caroleen Ferrell, 2013
Sherry Farrell, 2012
Daniel O Neill, 2011
Yvonne Parker, 2010
Carole Baras, 2009
Diana Sutherland, 2008
Larry Keating, 2007
Sharon Keating, 2006
Robert Borgmann, 2005
Elizabeth Rose, 2004
Marjorie Pfaff, 2003
Fred Kratky, 2002