Brady Stevens Award

Stephen Phillips accepts the Brady Stevens Award

Brady Stevens Award

The Brady Stevens Award is presented annually to the preceding year’s outstanding graduate of the REALTOR® Institute.

In 1977, the association established the award in affectionate memory of longtime Joplin REALTOR® and 1963 Missouri REALTORS® President, Brady Stevens. For many years Mr. Stevens led the statewide effort to develop and promote truly professional real estate education. He believed that members who promoted professionalism in real estate practice, actively participated in REALTOR® organization affairs and devoted themselves to ongoing professional development, should receive special recognition. The Brady Stevens Award honors graduates of the REALTOR® Institute who conduct their professional lives in the spirit of that tradition.

The 2020 Brady Stevens Award nomination deadline is July 31, 2020.

Download the 2020 Brady Stevens Award Application

Past Winners

Stephen Phillips, 2019
Laura Breitenstein, 2013
Carmen Stanton, 2012
Jan Thomas, 2011
H. Mimi Elcock, 2010
Chris Christian, 2009
Beverly Swischer, 2008
Cathy Wymer, 2007
Jennifer Schanuel, 2006
Robert Ashford, 2005
C.J. Strawn, 2004
Randi Bishop, 2003
Frank Bridges, 2002
Yvonne Parker, 2001
Karen Baldwin, 2000
Anita Skehen, 1999
Elizabeth Mendenhall, 1998
Ann Shields, 1997
Sue Arnold, 1996
Jeff Radel, 1995
Karel Murray, 1994
Nancy Rogers, 1993
Sy Werner, 1992
David Wiedeman, 1991
Kitty Olson, 1990
Sandy Greene, 1989
Alyce Wilson, 1988
Sharon Keating, 1986
Marilyn Mitchell, 1985
Janice Filbert, 1984
Betty Tice, 1983
Justus Griffin, 1982
Edythe Eisenberg, 1981
Cal Schneider, 1980
Patrick Lee, 1979
Coy Hart, 1978
Kip Mehring, 1977