REALTOR® of the Year

Missouri REALTOR® of the Year Award

REALTOR® of the Year

Each year the REALTOR® of the Year is selected from nominations received from Local Boards/Associations. The REALTOR® of the Year is a member who exemplifies “REALTOR® Spirit”. In other words - faithfulness to principles of organized real estate, to laws and regulations of his/her Board/Association, and to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®. The REALTOR® of the Year also demonstrates efforts to encourage good real estate practices among other real estate brokers, time spent with the press and the general public explaining the real estate profession. Additionally, activities related to Civic Affairs within the local, state and association of REALTORS®, and business accomplishments, are considered in selecting the recipient of this prestigious award.

The REALTOR® of the Year Award is presented annually at the Fall Business Conference. 

The deadline to apply for the 2024 REALTOR® of the Year is May 1, 2024.

Past Recipients

Jennifer Langston-Justus, 2023
Robert (Bob) Bax, 2022
Nate K. Johnson, 2021
T. David Rogers, 2020
Lynn Farrell, 2019
La Nora Kay, 2018
Joyce Thomas, 2017
Edwina Conley, 2016
James Asbury, 2015
Sharon Keating, 2014
Brenda Oliver, 2013
Elizabeth Mendenhall, 2012
Douglas Andrews, 2011
Larry Apple, 2010
Ferrell, 2009
Kay Gerken, 2008
Larry Keating, 2007
Robert Lohr, 2006
Diana Sutherland, 2005
Fred Kratky, 2004
Barrett Glascock, 2003
Robert Borgmann, 2002

Duane Gerken, 2001
Harold Bonacker, 2000
Frederick Neal, 1999
Thomas Meyer, 1998
Thomas Bayer, 1997
Bruce Aydt, 1996
Cal Schneider, 1995
Justus Griffin, 1993
Bernice Cooke, 1992
Eugene Brown, 1991
Robert Esrey, 1990
Lou Wood, 1989
Richard Mendenhall, 1988
Jo Ann Pangborn, 1987
Jim Jones, 1986
Marian Glauser, 1985
Vivian Osborn, 1984
Clarence Rezac, 1983
Raymond Sisson, 1982
Louis Glauser, 1981
Stuart Davis, 1980
R. Layne Morrill, 1979
James Flanagan, 1978
Thomas Meyer, 1977