Logo Usage

Using the Missouri REALTORS® Logo

As a member of the Missouri REALTORS®, you are welcome and encouraged to use the Missouri REALTORS® logo to promote yourself and your expertise as a Missouri REALTOR®. 

You may use the Missouri REALTORS® logo in conjunction with the following:
  • Your name
  • A firm's name
  • A local board or association

You may use the Missouri REALTORS® logo:
  • Online (social media and websites)
  • Print collateral (business cards, letterhead, banners, t-shirts, etc.)
  • The Missouri REALTORS® logo is available with and without the tagline, "Dedicated to the American Dream."

You may choose to use the logo in three color formats: full color, 80% black, or reverse "white" which should appear over a solid color field (preferably 80% black or REALTOR® blue.)


Full color logo with tagline

Full color logo without tagline


80% black logo with tagline

80% black logo without tagline


Reverse (white) logo with tagline

Reverse (white) logo without tagline

Usage Guidelines

To help protect the power of the Missouri REALTORS® brand, please read and follow the following guidelines:

1. Area of Isolation

The area of isolation - an amount of space equal to half the width of the color icon - must be maintained around all sides of the logo. This space keeps the logo separate from other graphic objects and the edge of your printed or digital piece. 

2. Color

You may choose to use the logo in full color, as 80% black or reverse or "white," which should appear over a solid color field (preferably 80% black or REALTOR® blue). 

3. Unacceptable Usage

Do NOT change any part of the logo, icon, typography or color. Recreating or altering the logo in any way is unacceptable.

Do NOT alter the scale, proportion, color, or configuration of the logo in any way.  

Do NOT use the logo over a photo or pattern.

Do NOT add a shadow, outline or distort the logo in any way.

Do NOT change the font, or the spacing between font and icon.

Format and Usage

Missouri REALTORS® logos are available in EPS and JPG format. Recommended formats are dependent upon application. Here are some guidelines:

EPS files are appropriate for printed materials.

JPG files are appropriate for digital applications such as websites, social media and PowerPoint presentations.

NOTE: JPG files may be used with inkjet/laser printers but should not be used in traditional printing on press. JPG files should never be scaled up in size. Enlarging a JPG file will result in poor resolution. 

Files can be obtained by contacting the Missouri REALTORS® at missourirealtors@morealtor.com or 1-800-403-0101 ext.130.