Industrial Hemp: Impacts to Real Estate

Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp: Impacts to Real Estate

Hosted by Missouri REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI)

This course summarizes the history of cannabis use, prohibition, and legalization, and examines, in detail, the impacts to property brokerage, disclosure, opportunities, and pitfalls of industrial hemp for all types of real estate and property management.

*3 hours of Missouri Real Estate Commission and 4 hours Appraisal CE credit

Event Details: 

  • Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | 1:00 - 5:00 pm


Non-Missouri REALTOR®: $60/person 
To register, visit:

Non-RLI members: $60/person 
RLI members: $45/person
To register, contact: Robert Campbell at or 573-445-8400 x1220


Register for Industrial Hemp: Impacts to Real Estate when you register for the September Business Conference.

Course Topics:

  • Introductions and orientation
  • Definition of cannabis plants
  • Historic uses of cannabis & hemp - U.S. & global
  • Prohibition of cannabis with impacts to law enforcement, taxes
  • Summary of U.S. drug war pertaining to hemp
  • Passage of Colorado Amendment 64 and other states that legalized hemp
  • The role of state and federal regulators
  • Local control - what is allowed and where?
  • Impact of legal cannabis on law enforcement
  • Conflicts between federal and state laws
  • Hemp plant physiology characteristics
  • Hemp propagation
  • Basics of hemp production
  • Landowner/farmer regulations for registration
  • Timing of implementation of the law
  • Hemp production requirements
  • Certified seed certification
  • Processing and retail
  • Impact of legal cannabis on agricultural hemp
  • Where is hemp production allowed and who regulates?
  • Agricultural brokerage opportunities for industrial hemp
  • U.S. hemp industry status
  • The Colorado Model - regulate, enforce, anticipate, adapt
  • Resources and references
  • Guest speakers (as appropriate, if any)
  • Question/Answer/Discussion
*This class will be followed by a joint cocktail reception with the Commercial Day event.

Kirk Goble

Kirk Goble, ALC

Kirk Goble, ALC, is from Greeley, Colorado, and is the owner/broker of The Bell 5 Land Company. Kirk has been a land broker for 30 years, is a member of REALTORS® Land Institute, and holds the Accredited Land Consultant designation. He was named RLI Land Broker of America in 2013. Kirk is a Senior Instructor with RLI Land University, has taught numerous real estate courses over the last 25 years, and serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Technology at Aims Community College where he teaches crops and soils and developed an Industrial Hemp curriculum.