Realtor Safety


As a REALTOR®, your safety should be top-of-mind all the time. Use these safety tips and resources to develop and implement your own, personal safety strategy. Take steps to keep you safe before, during and after showings. Communicate your strategies and reasons for safety protocols to your clients. Most importantly, if you feel uncomfortable – trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to reschedule or cancel appointments.

Safety Articles

How Do Agents Stay Safe in 2016?
Chicago Agent Magazine looks at some key takeaways from the 2016 Member Safety Report.

New Safety Survey, Products and Resources
In an ongoing effort to keep REALTORS® safe, NAR offers a safety report to members, firms and associations and a mobile app that includes safety features.

Are You Too Nice for Your Own Good?
We’re taught to be kind to everyone, but that means keeping your guard down against potential predators. To stay safe, adapt your nature to a more dangerous world.

Safety Tips to Remember

• Guard Your Personal Information

• Enlist a Co-Worker

• Verify Customer Information

• Announce Your Showings

• Scout Locations Early

• Keep Your Phone In-Hand

• Keep Customers in Sight

• Pay Attention to Exits

• Trust Your Instincts

Member Safety Report

2015 Member Safety Report

REALTOR® Safe Harbor


REALTORS® often need a simple way to find safe public, locations to meet prospective clients. REALTOR® Safe Harbors are locations who have agreed to allow REALTORS® to meet at their office, print off a REALTOR® Safety Prospect Information Form and will scan/email the form to the agent – free of charge.

REALTORS® can simply go to to quickly find all Safe Harbor locations in their area. The location can be quickly forwarded to a client with a few clicks. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android and can be found by searching for “REALTOR® Safe Harbor” on the App Store or Google Play. To sign your office up to become a safe harbor, go to

REALTOR® Safe Harbor is a partnership between Missouri REALTORS® and Real Agent Guard: We’re safer together.