Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the President’s Cup?
A. The President’s Cup is presented annually to recognize the hard work state REALTOR® leaders and association staff do to advance the REALTOR® Party. It is given to states who meet all advocacy and RPAC goals set forth by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Q. Where can I find a list of National Association of REALTORS® grant opportunities and resources?
A. Here is a list of National Association of REALTORS® grant opportunities and resources.

Q. What policy issues are REALTORS® concerned with?
A.  A few things that REALTORS® are concerned with are access to public records, land and homeownership, lending issues, and financing state government. Check out the Missouri REALTOR® Party Legislative Agenda for more details.

Q. Will the National Association of REALTORS® or Missouri REALTORS® endorse a presidential candidate?
A. No, neither group endorses presidential candidates.



Q. What are the RPAC investment levels?
A. The RPAC investment levels are as follows:

Investor: $15-24
Member: $25-99
100 Club: $100-249
Leadership Club: $500-999
Sterling R: $1,000-2,499
Crystal R: $2,500-4,999
Golden R: $5,000-9,999
Platinum: $10,000

Q. What does RPAC do for me?
A. RPAC is like insurance for your business. It protects you from bad legislation that might hinder you and your clients. Find out more about RPAC and how your investment works for you.

Q. What is the President’s Circle?
A. The President’s Circle is a group of REALTORS® that contribute directly to pro-REALTOR® candidates running for federal positions. It allows REALTORS® to contribute past RPAC’s $10,000 limit, which increases the strength of the REALTOR® voice on Capitol Hill. 

Q.   How do direct contributions work?
A. RPAC-MO gives credit to members for direct contributions to candidates.
If you’ve invested $15 or more to RPAC you’ll receive credit for your donation to approved Missouri Statewide Office holders/candidates and approved members of, or candidates for, the Missouri General Assembly. If you’ve invested $25 or more to RPAC you’ll receive credit for your donation to local candidates if they are members of Missouri REALTORS® or have been endorsed by the Local Board/Association. And if you’re a Federal Political Coordinator who has invested $100 or more to RPAC you’ll receive credit for your donation to your appointed federal legislator. 

Q. Who has RPAC donated to?
A. View a full list of who RPAC has donated to.  

Q. How can I find out how much I’ve invested in RPAC this year?
A. Contact Victoria Brown - victoria@morealtor.com or call 800-403-0101 ext. 129

Q. What RPAC Fundraisers are coming up in my area?
A. All upcoming events, including RPAC Fundraisers, can be found on our events calendar. Use the “type of event” filter and choose “RPAC” to find the fundraisers more quickly.


Q. I’m looking for a speaker for a meeting or event. Who can come and how do we submit a request?
A. You can submit the Officer Meeting/Speaker Request form to request that a Missouri REALTOR® staff member come speak at an event.

Q. Where are the business conferences held?
A. The January Business Conference is held in Jefferson City, the September Business Conference is held around the location of the incoming Missouri REALTOR® president, and the April Business Conference is held in cities where the January or September Business Conferences are not being held in for that year. You can also find the locations on our events calendar once they have been announced. Use the “type of event” filter and choose “State and National Conferences” to find the business conferences quickly.

Q. How soon can we book our guest rooms for the Missouri REALTORS® events (Business Conferences, THE SUMMIT, etc)?
A. You can book your guest rooms up to a year out of the event. Check our events calendar to stay up to date with all upcoming events.

Q. How do I go about making my room reservations (phone, online link, etc.) and is there a special Missouri REALTORS® rate?
A. Once the conference website is up and running, if the venue provides a link, we include this on the venue tab of the event website. In addition, we provide a number for phone reservations. We always negotiate for a reduced group rate which is available up until a certain cut-off date. Contact Maria R. Davis - maria@morealtor.com or 800-403-0101 ext. 125 if you have further questions.

Q. I am interested in learning more about Marketing/Sponsorship opportunities during your conferences. Where can I find this information on your website?
A. We have two different forms of marketing: state affiliate memberships and sponsorships. 

State Affiliate Membership is available to companies, organizations, or persons who have products and/or services that would be valuable resources for Missouri REALTORS® in their day-to-day business of assisting buyers in the home, commercial, and agricultural sectors, or those who are not otherwise eligible for regular membership. 

Sponsorships are available for business conferences and special events such as Inaugural Night or Commercial Day, as well as special awards such as the Good Neighbor Award. View all sponsorships here, and contact Maria R. Davis - maria@morealtor.com or call 800-403-0101 ext. 125 for additional information or to customize your sponsorship.

Q. How do I register for an event?
A. You can find all of our upcoming events on our events calendar. Click on the “Register Now” button to register. You’ll need your login information to get started, which in most cases is your NRDS ID and the last four digits of your real estate license number. Watch our “How to Register for Events” video for a step by step guide, note that each registration process will vary depending on which event you are registering for. If you need help registering, please email us at missourirealtors@morealtor.com or call us at 573-445-8400.


Marketing FAQ’s

Q. How do I login to Missouri REALTORS® website or THE LANDING?
A. The good news is that we now have single sign-on which means you only have to login once to have access to all of our online resources, including missourirealtor.org, THE LANDING and our member portal. In most cases your username is your NRDS ID. If you don’t know your NRDS ID, you can find it at Realtor.org. If you don't know your password, you can request to have it emailed to you. It will be emailed to the email address on file with Missouri REALTORS®. Once you have logged in, you can customize your password. If you are unable to login after following these directions, email missourirealtors@morealtor.com or call 800-403-0101 ext. 130.

Q. What is THE LANDING and why should I use it?
A. THE LANDING is a private online community for Missouri REALTORS®. It is the only professional network for Missouri REALTORS® to connect, collaborate, engage, learn and discuss the current state of the industry and industry happenings in a private setting. More than 19,000 of your peers are on THE LANDING and over 13,000 discussions have already taken place. Find out what resources and tools THE LANDING has to offer.

Q. How do I get connected/get started on THE LANDING?
A. If THE LANDING sounds like a place you want to be, follow these simple steps to get started. They will walk you through how to set up your profile, customize your privacy settings, join communities, set your community notifications, join the conversation and start networking.
Also be sure to check out these helpful how-to videos to make the most of your LANDING experience.

Q. How do I upload my profile photo on THE LANDING?
A. First, log in to THE LANDING and then go to your profile. From this point, you have two options.


Example of how you can grab Profile Info from LinkedIn

You can use the LinkedIn option by clicking the “Import Your Info” button underneath the heading “Grab Profile Info from LinkedIn” (see screenshot below). This will open up a dialog box asking for permission to connect LinkedIn to your account on THE LANDING. 

Once you give it permission, you will be taken to a screen where you can select which profile information you wish to import (see screenshot below). On this screen, you will see what the information is on LinkedIn and next to it the information already in THE LANDING (if any exists). If you would like to use the content in that first column from LinkedIn, select the button reading "Use LinkedIn® content instead of current content”. If you have a profile photo on LinkedIn, this is where you can import it. Make sure to scroll down and select “Save and Continue” when you are done.


How to Import Your Info from LinkedIn


If you would like to upload a profile photo without going through LinkedIn, all you need to do is go to your profile page and look for the “Actions” button underneath the grey silhouette on the left had side of the screen (see screenshot below). When you click the “Actions” button, it will open up a dropdown that includes the option to “Change Picture”. Click that, and you will be taken through an image uploading tool where you can upload from your desktop or the web.


Upload a profile photo without going through LinkedIn

If you are unable to upload your profile photo after following these directions, email missourirealtors@morealtor.com or call 800-403-0101 ext. 130.

Q. What is Inman Select?
A. Inman Select, an exclusive real estate news service, connects you to the latest news, powerful insights and a community of real estate leaders. It is a complimentary feature of your Missouri REALTORS® membership! View this info graphic that explains Inman Select membership benefits.

Q. How do I access my complimentary Inman Select account?
A. To access your Select subscription, follow these instructions.
You can also view this brief tutorial on accessing your subscription, managing your preferences, and exploring Select.
After taking these steps, you can access Inman Select news articles either at Inman.com or on THE LANDING.
If you are unable to access your Inman Select account after following these directions, contact Inman at customerservice@inman.com or call 1-800-775-4662 and press 1 to reach customer service.


Q. How can I apply for a Committee or Output Group leadership role?
A. Applying for a Committee or Output Group leadership role is simple; browse the list of leadership opportunities and sign up.

Q. What is the timeline for the Committee and Output Group leadership role appointment process?
A. The Committee and Output Group leadership role application forms typically open in March with a deadline in May. (Be sure to watch for an email announcing this process is open!) From May to July, Committee appointments are made and finalized. Committee appointment notices are sent to appointed Committee members in August. Committee rosters are typically posted in late August/early September.

Q. What is Missouri REALTORS® Leadership Academy?
A. The Leadership Academy is an eleven-month program designed to train emerging REALTOR® leaders so that they may exert a positive influence on the future of Missouri REALTORS®, their Local Boards/Associations and the industry. The participants work together in a training course of five retreats that combine presentations, group activities and project planning. Sessions include the development of leadership skills, team building exercises, goal setting, personal profile analysis, communication, ethical decision making…and much more!

Q. Am I eligible/how can I apply for Missouri REALTORS® Leadership Academy?
A. Participation in Leadership Academy is open to REALTORS® living in the state of Missouri. A maximum of 12 to 16 individuals will be selected to participate in the program. As space is limited, applicants who are not selected are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years. Participants will be selected based on their application, geographic location, gender and other considerations. These potential leaders will have knowledge of or be active in their Local Boards/Associations, and/or be active in real estate specialty areas, affiliated REALTOR® groups, community-based organizations or other volunteer organizations. The application process typically opens in February with a deadline in June. (Be sure to watch for an email announcing the application process is open!)

Risk Management

Q. What is Legal Line and who can use it?
A.   Legal Line is a “members only” benefit that allows all Missouri REALTORS® direct access to an experienced real estate attorney who can provide information on a variety of real estate law topics.  By using Legal Line, each caller agrees to all Terms of Use. You can find more details on how Legal Line works, or you can check out our Legal Line FAQs.

Q. What standard legal forms are available and who can use them?
A. Missouri REALTORS® maintain a library of approximately 135 standard forms covering virtually every aspect of the real estate transaction process and associated brokerage relationship agreements. They cover many areas, including residential, commercial, farm & vacant land.  There is a complete listing of all Missouri REALTORS® standard forms, and there is an Instruction Manual which provides line by line instructions on how to utilize 12 of the most commonly used standard forms available.

The use of standard forms serves to reduce conflicting operating practices and procedures.  It also facilitates transactions between brokerage companies and reduction of potential liability.  Throughout the year, the Missouri REALTORS® Residential and Commercial Standard Forms Committees carefully monitor changes in the law and solicit and receive feedback from members and local boards. The Committees review the standard forms with legal counsel and revise the language as necessary, or completely create new forms. This process ensures that Missouri REALTORS® standard forms are legally compliant and that they are relevant to current market conditions and practices.  You can learn more about Missouri REALTORS® standard forms and how to access them.

Q. How does the Professional Standards process work?
A. Missouri REALTORS® are held to the standards of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.  We administer a “Statewide” professional standards process that handles ethics complaints, as well as arbitration/commission disputes between REALTORS® for 29 of the 34 local boards of REALTORS® in the State.  The process also offers an ombudsman and mediation services, and includes a Citation Policy.  Learn more about the Missouri REALTORS® Professional Standards process and how to file a complaint.

Q. Are legal classes on risk management available? 
A. Yes! You can request a risk management class presentation by contacting Kim Moriarity - kim@morealtor.com or 800-403-0101 ext. 129. A list of currently scheduled classes is also available.



Q. Where can I find information on CE courses?
A. A full schedule of upcoming CE Courses across the state is available here.

Q. Where can I find information on CRI courses?
A. A new GRI program is currently being developed and will be made available at the beginning of 2017. Information will be sent out to all members and posted on our website.

Q. License Plate renewals
A. You may renew your REALTOR® license plate.

Q. How do I become a Missouri REALTORS® member?
A. Becoming a Missouri REALTORS® member starts at the local level. First, ask your Broker which Local Board/Association of REALTORS® he or she belongs to. Next, contact the appropriate Local Board/Association and ask about their membership process. Once you are a member at the local level, you have access to State and National member resources. If you have any more questions, contact Chad Hrdina - chad@morealtor.com or call 800-403-0101 ext. 121.